Free Money Meeting / 2-5 June 2016 at Laval, France

The 7th meeting about free money

We announce proudly the next Free Money Meeting (FMM, or RML in French) which will be hosted at Laval (53000) France.


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This event will be divided in two parts:

First 2 days (2th and 3rd June) :

  • Technical Conferences : dedicated to computer scientists and developer working on BlockChain, P2P network protocol client/server model developed for Free Money software (uCoin/Duniter, Sakia);
    • Presented in French, there will English speaking attendee.

FMM6 - Présentation technique de cutecoin

Next 2 days (4th and 5th June) open to anyone (no skill required)

  • Saturday June 4th:
    • Try some distinct money by playing the Free Game Ğeconomicus (v2):
      • Monetary and economical simulation game, which will simulate birth and death on a full lifetime (80 years). Players will start to play at random age in their life (between 0 and 80 years),
      • Open to anyone (no skill required).
    • Economical works (on PC) for deeper RTM understanding on concrete cases »:
      • Animated by Stéphane Laborde.
      • Skill : already played to Ğeconomicus game. Bring your laptop with spreadsheet software (if possible).

Jeu GeconomicusĞeconomicus : a monetary and economical simulation game
Watch video of previous games (French) >>

  • Sunday June 5th:
    • Workshop on monetary theory or practical workshop, Free money explained and demos,
    • General overview of the free software uCoin and Sakia,
    • Open to anyone (no skill required).



See the detailed program >> (in french)

>> You would like tho contribute?

Send your conference or workshop proposal, game, demo to (English or French)  contact (at)

Access plan

RML7 - Plan Technopôle Laval

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Hosting / Hotel

No hosting scheduled. But, we can offer some solidarity hosting at disposal (logements solidaires) located on the town of Laval. Please contact us for more information: contact (at)


The mail-roundFMM7 (RML7) are organized by:

Association Le Sou

Email: contact (at)

Address:  22 résidence d ela Filousière, 53100 Mayenne, France

Cel Phone: (+33) 662 863 782 –


Official printing

FMM7 poster

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